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Drones Are Becoming More Capable by The Day

From advanced cameras to thermal imaging and even land surveying to sub centimeter accuracy, the drone industry has literally taken off in recent years. Drones can access difficult, or sometimes impossible spots to reach by foot. Many projects can be completed affordably with a much smaller carbon footprint than traditional aviation platforms.

Real Estate

On average, houses sell 35% faster with captivating video and aerial photography.


*Packages start at $200 for

90 minutes. 

*Realtors can receive additional discounts for multiple houses in one day.

Extreme Sports

The Eastern Mountain Aerials Team is outdoor oriented. Create share worthy moments with the help of the EMS team on your next trip up the mountain!

*Due to the variety of sports and time to scene on the mountain. Call to discuss individual pricing.

Business Marketing

Allow us to show off your hard work in action at your business. Market your business from an a new prospective and give it something that stands out.  


*Packages start at $250 for 90 Minutes.

Commercial Services

Commercial project managers can get summaries of their projects or work sights. From logging to construction projects and cell towers we can inspect and report back to you!


*Packages start at $250 for 90 minutes.

*Discounts may be applied for multiple jobs in one day.

Private Sales

Have a boat, aircraft, motorcycle, or car? Allow us to get you the footage of it in action. Cinematic chase scenes can help you get top dollar for your ride.

*Packages Start at $200 for 90 Minutes.

Advanced Commercial Drone

Eastern Mountain Aerials is developing packages for commercial operations. We're staying up to date with rapidly changing drone capabilities and Federal Regulations.

Stay Tuned. 

*Drone flights are dependent on Weather

*Federal Law requires special consideration not to operate drone directly over people or moving vehicles as to cause a hazard to others. 

*Drone footage is provided unedited. For Edited videos additional rates will apply. 


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